Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Nap(py) Time!

My dear friend, Ella, is having a baby shower for her daughter Ashley, so I've decided to get busy and make some diaper (that's nappies to you Brits!) burp cloths.

I'd give a tutorial, but there are already a gajillion out there. I'm using Amy Smart's oh so easy to follow tutorial on her blog Diary of a Quilter. What I like about her tutorial in particular is her suggestion that you use a cardboard template for measuring and ironing the seam allowance. It makes it so much easier!!

The prepping of the fabric was the most labor intensive part of the whole process; the sewing itself took a minute or two for each burp cloth. Super simple! Ta da!

By the way, be sure to stop by my friend Marion's blog to see her fabulous tutorial on how to add homemade scents to my very own vodka spray starch!


  1. Those were so cute!!!! Thank you so much for the awesome gift not to mention the wonderful food you made for the shower!!! You are the best friend any one could ever ask for!!! Karen too!!!!

  2. They were a delight to make! And you are a deserving friend!!


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