Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Know! Twice in a Week!!

Don't mean to shock you all by posting too much now, but I think I've gotten my groove back, and furthermore, I'm kinda feeling my blogger responsibility! I can't just leave my two (official) followers hanging out there waiting with bated breath for my next installment!

So, to continue on my report from the awesome Crazy Old Ladies Cabin Fever retreat that Emily Herrick hosted two weeks ago . . . one of the great quilts that Amber Johnson designed and showed off at her trunk show is "Twisted." I just fell for it instantly. I love the way the white "x"s weave across the quilt. I just knew I wanted to make it! Doesn't the pattern look great?!

I'm making it right now for the family I posted about two days ago. I'm doing it in blues and yellows, with the white "x"s. When I'm finished with this one, which I'm making as a twin, I think I'm going to make it in greens and oranges/tangerine. The first block took a while yesterday, as I figured out how to make it all work, but then I got in the groove and I knocked off 12 of the 42 yesterday--not a bad accomplishment give that it was a ladies' sew day so there was a lot of talking (and fighting for the ironing board)!


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    1. Oh and I "follow" on my google reader, which probably does not show up in your stats.

  2. Thanks Maggie! I know from friends and such that there are more than 2 out there in the blogger-sphere, but I like to poke fun at myself compared to some of the other blogs that have gajillions of official followers! So glad you're following along!

  3. YOU figured out how it works? I thought you had some pretty smart help from a dear friend...


  4. Of course, Sue, you're right! In fact, I was just extolling your virtues as a sewing guide to Karen!


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