Thursday, December 22, 2011

Munki Munki Christmas!

December 22, 2011

I'm such a sucker for Heather Ross's Munki Munki fabric. I think she conveys such a sense of whimsy and storytelling. Funny (and frustrating) though, that the Munki fabric can only be found in pajamas, so bits like this end up in the form of sleeves or with buttonholes! I love this flannel strip with the Christmas tree lot: the mom and her two kids looking for the perfect tree, the man sawing the end of a tree, a man falling in love with his perfect tree (the heart!). I keep pulling this out with myriad projects, having squirreled it away to save it for the PERFECT project, but hoping each time that maybe THIS time it'll be the time. Not yet. . . sigh. I just haven't found the right setting for this yet. Perhaps some of this may find a home in the tree skirt I'm working on? But I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

I've gotten one crazed wave of Christmas sewing done with, with my package now mailed off to the East Coast. I'm taking a day's breather to let my body recover a bit from this sinus infection, and then back again to the salt mines to finish up on projects that are, shall we say, targeted for closer to home. I've had to scale back some of my ambitions, but I'm pleased at how much I've actually been able to punch out in a short amount of time. Definitely want to get things knocked well in advance in the future, though! No more sewing marathons!


  1. That fabric is ADORABLE! It must be saved for something special.

  2. The nice thing is that it has enough space to fussy cut the scenes :)


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