Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My stripping days are over!

At last! We've finished stripping the wallpaper off the walls. Yay!

We've now washed down the plaster walls with sponges to get the residual wallpaper paste off, so now we need to spackle the dings in the plaster walls . . .  and then we get to PAINT!

This is the color we've chosen for the upstairs hallway, stairwell, and our downstairs den. It's Behr's Coastal Vista:

Isn't it yummy? We thought it'd go really well both with our upstairs paint (Behr's Manhattan Mist)

. . . and with the downstairs color (Behr's Wheat Bread):

By a strange turn of events, the Wheat Bread is the exact same color as the color my mom chose for her kitchen cabinets (although she's using Martha Stewart paint, and she calls it Sharkey Gray). We saw the color and thought it'd be the perfect neutral yet rich tone for our downstairs.

This will be such a nice switch from the salmon orange that is currently in the kitchen!

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