Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sleepless Stitchin'

Everyone once in a while, no matter how tired I may be, I just can't sleep. Last night was one of those nights! So rather than toss and turn uselessly, I gave up and decided to go sew instead. I apparently was on a tear, because when I headed over to my sewing machine it was 2:30, and next thing I knew it was 8 a.m. and I had finished a quilt top that I had barely begun the day before!

It is definitely bright and bold, but that's what Lilly Pulitzer fabric calls for! I tempered it (somewhat!) by using the purple and pink and solids. Thanks Karen for the consultation! The purple Kona matched perfectly with the purple in the purple and green tiger print! In addition to the tiger print I took from the border of one of my mother's skirts and made a center tile in the quilt:

I also put the green and purple daisies from that same skirt throughout the quilt to tie it together. I also cut out a few peeking tiger faces in charm square blocks that I hid in 2-3 places throughout the quilt as well.

In addition to the tiger, I also have a few other favorite animals. Lilly Puliter, in addition to her bright colors, is also known for her use of animals in her prints. I've selected a few of my most favorites that I included in the quilt as examples. First, the elephant legs:

I think there may also be an upside-down kangaroo there? I'm not entirely sure . . . 

Next, my most favorite . .  . the snails!!

I love the totally '70s styling on this print, plus the blend of pink and green. Yes, I'm a total preppie at heart!

When I began this project, I was completely concerned about how all these totally different fabrics would go together, but I'm so so psyched by the finished top! I guess I really shouldn't have worried. It's ironic, actually. One of the two skirts I chopped up to make this quilt was a Lilly Pulitzer patchwork skirt, meaning that it was already an eclectic mix of her fabrics. I essentially took apart her patchwork skirt and then put it back together in a quilt (plus adding in one extra Lilly Pulitzer skirt into the mix!)

Now "all" I have to do is to figure out what on earth to do for a backing. Gah!!

On other news, my cross-the-street neighbor, Lindsey, is prepping for a move and is downsizing, so was having a fabulous yardsale. Not your run of the mill yard mower, tupperware, granny afghan kind of sale either! She's an art student/photographer and has amassed tons of cool things, including furniture. Look at what I scored:

I haven't put the other two doors back in yet, nor put the shelves back in yet, but aren't they just divine! I bought two of them. They are 51x51 and just PERFECT for my sewing room! Just picture piles of fabric in there, alongside my yummy blue mason jars filled with buttons and zippers and selvages and such! Now, for those who know my current sewing room, no, there's no way on this here green Earth that these beauties would fit in my sewing room, but . . . as it turns out, we have found a great little house a few blocks over and will be moving in a few weeks! And these shelves will fit just perfectly in my new, bigger (!) sewing room/office! The blog tour will happen soon, I promise!


  1. I LOVE your happy quilt!!! I am sorry you cannot sleep :( Nice quilt progress :) As for the back.. go with something totally WILD!!! It needs to be tough enough for the front.

    1. Thanks Marion! I needed the encouragement to try something bold for the back! With the front so bright and bold I'm a bit afraid to bring in another pattern!

  2. Cute quilt!!! I too Love the snails!! And I love your new cabinet I too can picture fabric and things in there! Oh and forget the blog tour I want a personal tour!!! ;)

    1. No worries! I've already printed out the personal tour tickets just for you!! ;-)


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