Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I fought the Vinyl . . . and I'm not sure who's winning?!

Hooking up with Lee's Wednesday's WIPs again! Pop on over this week and say hello to Felicity who's guest blogging!

This week I decided to BGP up (Big Girl Panty up) and brave the wild world of vinyl for the inside of my zippy pouch, because I wanted to replace my old, worn cosmetic bag. I had these scraps left over from my Spare Change quilt and I'm still crushing on the fabric, so onto the bag they went! I scored some great heavier weight green fabric at a yard sale across the street (the one where I found the fab antique cabinets for my sewing room), so I used that for the inside lining, and then I used the vinyl for the inside on top of the green. Of course I decided to be all difficult (for a change!) and used the cheap, really heavyweight vinyl I got for nothing in the remnant rack at Joann's. The good news? It was cheap and it is so cool and heavyweight in this bag!! The bad news? It was a real bad boy trying to wrestle inside out into this bag!! Ooh boy was it a real pain in the tush! It remains a WIP as I still have to finish the inside by sewing the inside lining back up. Sigh. But it does look lovely on the outside!

Here's where the rest of the WIP list stands:
  1. Mom's Lilly quilt: top done, backing chosen; "just" need to baste and quilt it!
  2. Granny squares: my squares all finished and the swap done; "just" need to figure out how I'm going to put them together in a quilt and then do it!
  3. Sewing bag: I have a rolling wheelie bag for my sewing machine, but it's really bulky and takes up too much room when I'm traveling on longer trips, so I've decided to make a padded tote bag (with a zippered top) for my sewing machine. That way it will be a little more stream-lined and take up less room. The idea is great, nothing done on this project yet!
  4. Pajamas: Yes, there are still some wayward, unfinished pajamas from a holiday I dare not name!!
  5. Tote bags: I have about 4 tote bags I need to make or finish (various stages)!

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  1. You're does look lovely on the outside! I think you did a great job.


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