Saturday, June 16, 2012

Are you a chaos muppet??

I was listening to NPR's "Morning Edition" earlier today when the most unexpected story came across my radio waves . . .  a story about muppet mates. Apparently most couples can be divided into order muppets and chaos muppets. Think about it: there's the ever organized, almost obsessive-compulsive Bert, and then there's the free-wheeling, life-loving Ernie. There's Janice, the calming (perhaps chemically altered??) band-member, and then there's the ever-crazy, barely contained Animal. One half of the duo maintains order while the other wreaks havoc. According to this Slate Magazine article that describes this theory in full, each of us usually find in our partner the opposite muppet type; if we are a chaos muppet, we seek out our Sam Eagle, Big Bird, Bert, or Kermit the Frog. And if you are the type that color codes your underwear (c'mon, 'fess up!), you most likely are paired up with a Miss Piggy, Fozzy Bear, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Gonzo, or sweet, adorable Grover. Both types have their place. Can you even consider how monotonous a marriage would be with two Berts?? Sigh. And can you imagine the chaotic maelstrom that two Animals or two Miss Piggys would produce? Yikes!! We all need a Yin to our Yang.

Interestingly, however, I was having a conversation with my partner about this topic, and we each insisted that the other was our order muppet, but in very different ways. Yes, I am most definitely the one who closes cabinet doors and vacuums and replaces toilet paper rolls and such, but my partner in crime is the one who creates emotional order. So perhaps it's not quite as simple as it being just one muppet per person. Maybe it's something more like this . . . . .

That we each may have more than one muppet capacity inside us!! For those who may not know, this is, of course, the two-headed muppet monster!!

Now, back to the crafty world, I'm starting to make some progress on my mom's Lilly Pulitzer quilt. I'm using 5 inch squares of fabric, so with the scraps that are smaller than that I'm making scrap blocks. I've made about 10 scrap blocks like these two: 


  1. I can't wait to see that one all done!! Looks cute!!!!

  2. Oh Maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this so much!!!!!!!!!


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