Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loving Them Robots!

I know Caleb Grey's robot factory fabric isn't exactly the new kid on the block, I just got my hands on the orange colorway and have been having some fun with it. I so love it! I had gotten a charm square from Annabella as one of the marvelous scraps along with the delicious zippy pouch she sent me a while back, and it sent me over the edge in finally deciding to make the plunge in buying some of the fabric. Now, who can resist a good robot?! I had made a laptop case for me (in hot pink, of course), and I had wanted to make one for Karen, but hot pink was clearly not going to work. I knew orange was going to be the right color, so when I saw the robots in orange, I realized they'd be just perfect for her laptop case. So I got busy last weekend and whipped up a robotic laptop case! Actually, it's a bit more difficult to "whip" something up with a busted rib (torn cartilage and muscles, if you want to go and be all precise). The pressing is actually much more difficult than the sewing itself--who'd a thunk?! Anyway, here's the finished product:

My FMQ skills are a bit rusty, and last time I had used them it was on polyester batting, so I had forgotten to adjust the tension on the machine. Oops! Anyway, it was fun to get back to quilting! I think for the rainbow quilt I'm just going to do straight lines with my walking foot, but I do want to keep working on my FMQing anyway, so I think I need to find myself a good quilting project.

I've been waiting on the rainbow quilt for the retreat so that I can spread out. I have the room, now that the house is spotless and spacious for the potential buyers, but the dog hair is still a bit of a problem, and I don't want to get any dog hair on the batting. And any of you who have a pup can appreciate that no matter how much vacuuming or dusting you might do, once you have a dog, the hair is still just everywhere!

On one of my recent DI (Deseret Industries, a.k.a., thrift shop) incursions I found this great Denyse Schmidt Quilt-it Kit for $.75!

It was brand new, unused and unopened. It contains instructions for 15 patchwork projects, 2 pattern sheets, and Denyse Schmidt fabric for one pillow. How cool is that?! DI has become my new retail therapy outlet. Whenever I'm feeling a little low (thankfully not all that often!), I can simply drop by DI and for no more than $4.25 I can fill the ever so small void in my life--usually with mason jars for my sewing room (pictured on the shelves in my last post), wool or other good fabric finds, or clothes (including a discovery of a $200 Lilly Pulitzer dress for $10!). Who needs the fancy City Creek mall or New York City when I have my local thrift store?! Yes, it's come to this! At least my addiction is a cheap one!

Speaking of Denyse Schmidt, I have fallen pretty hard for her fabric of late. I don't adore all of her stuff, but in general, I love the vintage-y feel of her fabrics. I don't like calicos and that sort of fabric in general, but I like the flour sack style of her fabrics. Very cool. I've piled tons of her fabrics time and time again into my Etsy shopping carts, only to not press the check out button (as I do with lots of other fabrics). I do try to show some restraint on my shopping, people! I probably have around 85 items in my shopping cart at any given time, kind of like a Christmas wish list! Anyway, I finally decided to give in, at least a little bit, by joining the Made with Moxie Denyse Schmidt charm swap. So I bought a yard or so of DS Flea Market Fancy Flower and Dot in Turqouise, and then will get 56 fabulous DS charm squares in return.

Now, isn't that just delicious?! I love these charm square swaps. I did Emily's rainbow swap a few months ago, and it gave me all these yummy squares I'm using for Cameron's quilt now. One of these days, I make actually get up my gumption and do a swap myself. Perhaps once my ribs stop screaming bloody murder at me! Okay, that's all folks!

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