Friday, May 25, 2012

Frosty Toes?

Yup, it's Memorial Day weekend, and I'm sitting here by a space heater in my thermal underwear plus several other layers! I must admit, this is not my usual Memorial Day weekend spent in shorts by the pool or on the beach! We are continuing our camping escapades and decided to head up to Missoula, MT and Glacier National Park. We stopped last night near Butte, MT in the midst of a thunderstorm . .  . of snow! It was in the 30s! Intrepid campers that we may be, we opted for a nice cozy cabin last night instead of our slightly chillier 3-season tent (I had spent the previous night wearing just about every layer of clothes I own and was still a bit less than toasty).

So, what's a crafty girl to do in weather like this, but knit? I do sometimes bring my sewing machine along on my travels, but although it did come up in discussion as a possibility, I really was not going to bring along my machine on a tent-camping trip! So, instead I brought along knitting. I usually don't pull out my knitting in the warmer months, but now I'm sure glad I did! It's so cold outside I might finish these socks and put them right to work rather them put them aside as a gift for the holidays!!

The colors don't come out perfectly with the cabin lighting, but the yarn is a yummy variegated lilac, peridot green, and cornflower blue. I don't have the tag with me with the brand name, but I'll share it when I get back because it's my favorite sock yarn--always knits up perfect socks every time!

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