Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Da Bears!

Continuing the 'bear cracker' saga of the other day, despite repeated launderings--even with baking soda and white vinegar--the clothes continued to smell delightfully fishy. Oh joy! Especially exciting given that we were headed right into bear country in Yellowstone! In fact, just minutes before we checked into the Madison Campgrounds in Yellowstone, the rangers had chased off a black bear who had come wandering into camp. Yikes! Nevertheless, I kept reminding myself of how FEW people actually get eaten by bears on an annual basis, so what are the odds that it would be little ole me (even if I did reek of salmon)?

We did get our own chance at a bear sighting yesterday, although happily it was not in our campsite. We spied two cubs on the side of a hill and took our photos (and quickly made our getaway). Lacking the fancy gigantic lenses of some of the photo-tourists, our bears are a bit blurry but were nonetheless quite clear and close!

We also saw elk, bison, pronghorn deer, moose, and even a coyote stalking its breakfast! The pups were watching the coyote with keen interest from the car, and were whimpering a bit with excitement (the way they often do when they see a pup they want to play with), but they kept it fairly subdued, apparently having a sense that this coyote was not the usual sort of pup!

Having only my knitting with me, I didn't make any progress on my sewing projects, but I did succumb to the smallest of fabric purchases . . . this fat quarter from Selvedge Studio in Missoula, MT.

They had such a gorgeous selection of fabrics, I just wanted to buy up the whole store! I restrained myself, however, and only left with this one fat quarter (and their business card so that I can go back to them in the future!).

In the meantime, I just keep knitting away at my socks and I am now nearing the toe of Sock #1. I did briefly lose my mind and skip a step, so I had to go back and rip out my stitches and then turn the heel. I use the same pattern time and time again, and so I should know by now how to make a sock, but it has been a while! In addition, a few socks ago, I jumped to the gusset before turning the heel, and ever since then I keep making that mistake--as if I've created a groove in my brain that remembers the mistake and not the correct step! Linking up with Lee for my Wednesday WIPs!

In addition to my yummy fat quarter, I also brought home these fabulous old Ball jars. We found them in a little antique store in Ennis, MT on our way to Yellowstone. I was so impressed by their great condition, particularly the zinc and porcelain lids, and I so so love the aged blue color of these jars! I plan to replace some of my newer jars with these, and to fill these with buttons, zippers, selvages, and such.


  1. What an adventure - I love the bear picture! Happy holidaying and knitting :)

  2. OH I want to go to Yellowstone!! But I think I'll pass on the fishy smell as you just talking about it is making me ill!! LOL Love the sock's I'm impressed!!! And the jar's OMG I love day I shall have some of those!!!

  3. Super cool sock! I wore mine, needles and all to ;) They are going to be awesome!


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