Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Update

Finally! Finished my very first stocking! Clearly have to work on my photo techniques, but I didn't want to risk an outdoor shot given the post-snow mud and leaf debris (not to mention the inescapable muddy puppy paws that always follow when I come back inside!). All in all, I'm pretty excited with this! My very first machine quilting, which I shockingly managed to keep on the (fairly) straight and narrow (much easier on the front thanks to the diamonds than it was on the back which is just the red print fabric, but I used a ruler and the fading fabric pen to guide me).
I love this Kate Spain 12 days fabric, so I was happy to be able to use it for this project. I wanted to make a stocking for an older child, hopefully something a foster child can bring with him or her (I'm picturing a girl child with this fabric) as she makes her way in the world). This is for Purple Panda's Stockings for Kids drive for foster children in Central Virginia. When I lived in Southern California, I was overwhelmed at how many homeless young adults I met who had been in the foster system. Once they turn 18, they "age out," and it broke my heart that they didn't have a family support system to help them beyond age 18. I know it's just a Christmas stocking, but I like feeling like I can help a little bit.

I've realized that I haven't shown off my finished mug-ugly rug, so, without further ado, here it is!
Not quite as ugly as originally feared, but most definitely a learning experience! Again, first and foremost a lesson in taking on manageable projects and starting with easier patterns! I'm glad I started with a mug rug, however, as it was a fun size, allowed me to finish fairly quickly, and let me master all the things I need to figure out for my table runner.

Speaking of, the fire is really under the feet now for me to get cooking! I'm falling behind on the rest of the group, I fear! I'm participating in Susan's Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap, and while I have a house and a tree pieced together, I still have two trees and two houses to go yet, as well as the construction and quilting. Yikes! Time to get the fingers moving! That's number one priority on today's to do list! I hope the secret partner likes it! I spent quite a time tracking down her preferences, and I think I've got her pegged, but it's as it's my first swap I'm a bit nervous. Okay, now back to the sewing machine!

And yes, there is a life beyond the sewing machine, but sometimes it's best to ignore it, and this is one of those weeks!

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  1. Your stocking is so nice! I still have to make mine... really need to get on that. I am going with a more "mature" style as well. I really feel like the older kids really get forgotten in the foster system. Great work on the machine quilting! Looks perfect!


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