Sunday, November 27, 2011

Of Course, She's Pink!

So, Christmas has come a bit early to the household here. Perhaps it was the desperation that led me to try sewing with a 90 year-old sewing machine, or perhaps it was that, when faced with insomnia at 4 in the morning, I turned immediately to the sewing machine. At any rate, my sweetie treated me with a trip to the local sewing machine store where I got to feast my eyes and fingers and (foot) on the latest and greatest machines -- working on my fabulous (but admittedly a bit trying) 40 year-old Singer I simply had no idea that computerized machines were that easy?! And not only did I get to play with them there, but I got to take home one for my very own! And she's pink!!

No more fighting with my nemesis the thread tension (the nifty little computer actually mostly takes care of it for you!); no more fighting with the fabric trying to wrest it back in line (you don't really need to hold onto the fabric!); no more squinting to thread the needle (there is actually a needle threader!). . . . now I just have to get used to all the cool features and stitches and such! I can sew so so so much more quickly and at such a higher level with this machine, which is a good thing, since I have a lot of Christmas gifts to whip up in short order! Thank you early Santa!! My sweetie so loves and spoils me!

More to catch up on, but oh so tired! Up at 4:30 this morning with insomnia and a migraine--and sewing since then. So time for mindless TV and then bed!


  1. Hope you soon feel better. Enjoy your new machine :)

  2. Wow, you just went went from one to three machines in a weeks time :)

    Enjoy your new machine, you deserve it!

  3. Lucky you!

    What do you have planned for the inaugural project?

  4. There is nothing quite like the feeling of sewing on your very own brand new machine. I love technology. Have fun and whip up some great things for Christmas.


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