Saturday, October 8, 2011


October 8, 2011

So, this is my first entry on my first blog. Supposed to be profound, right? I'm supposed to expound on my worldview, establish my blog agenda for taking over the blog-iverse, etc. Sorry to disappoint. That I have a blog, and that I've managed to defeat the evil tech pixies who seemed to want to keep me from having an "about me" section seems accomplishment enough for today!

I also have a pesky tablerunner to design for this swap to do. And I do mean pesky in that loving, excited way, for all you swap-following folks! I am plenty excited! Just a bit daunted as well -- there are some way amazing folks in this swap whose work is what has inspired me in the first place! Yikes! Yes, that is "under pressure" by David Bowie you hear in the background!

. . . Okay, deep breath was taken, split pea was made and put on the stove to simmer, biscuits baked (nothing like a good carb to calm one's anxiety!), now I will head off to sew!

(and, may I say, that for all who know me, the fact that I'm heading off to sew will probably shock most folks. But we'll save my voyage into a crafty critter for another time!)

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