Friday, October 21, 2011

Is Halloween Coming??

October 21

So apparently Halloween is like a national holiday or something among crafty folk. I guess I should have realized this, really. I follow a couple of blogs, and all the ones I categorize as "crafty" (as opposed to "quilty" or "DIY" or "general interest," etc.) have been obsessed with Halloween since July. I didn't know it was possible to make so many Halloween-related objets (spiders made out of chocolate dipped oreos, mummies made out toilet paper, and god-knows-what else made out of ric rac, always ric rac!). Now, I have nothing against Halloween, mind you. I have, in fact, quite fond memories of dressing up as quite a dashing asparagus for Halloween years ago. I just can't quite imagine blogging day after day with boundless excitement about ghosties made of cottonballs.

All this to say, don't go to Joann's Fabric on Friday evening two weeks before Halloween! Not if you want to buy fabric, that is! I just wanted to buy a few yards of fabric for my tablerunner, but apparently it was the evening to buy tulle, butterfly wings, satin, faux fur, etc. Definitely not the time to stand in line at the fabric table with a looming migraine!

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