Wednesday, January 4, 2012


January 4, 2012

Happy New Year! Alright, alright, so I'm a few days late! I'm now into week three of a sinus infection, so I'm operating on a delayed schedule. At least that's the explanation I'm using for still working on a last few overdue Christmas presents!

It has been a productive start to the new year, however! I have conquered a few sewing hurdles (drat! I forgot to add those to my 2012 goals!). Just yesterday I figured out (okay, I confess, I was taught) how to make buttonholes and sew on buttons with my nifty buttonhole and button feet! They look so complicated but are so hopping easy!! And then, feeling all crazy brave, I dared to risk my big fear . . . . the ZIPPER!! (dum dum dum!). I deconstructed a zipper makeup bag I had gotten from Clinique years ago, so I could figure out how they're made, and then I reconstructed it with fabric I liked--my red Pez! Without further ado . . .

I'm now dreaming of everything zippy. Who knew zippers could be so easy?! I made this case originally to hold my sewing machine feet, but I love it so much it's now become my new wallet, so back to the salt mines to make something else for the poor lonely feet! Perhaps a special case with a zippered slot for each foot? Okay, perhaps I'm getting a bit nutty!

In the small hand clutch mode, I've also been cranking out these fabulous little envelope purses from Keyka Lou. So easy to make, such an affordable pattern, and so so cute! They're the perfect size for a phone and a few credit cards/cash.

I've also been making a lot of canvas tote bags lately, which I've been loving. So much fun! I decided to branch out a little bit and try mini tote bags. I thought these could be really cute for little gifts, favors, hostess gifts, etc. I have two on the way (including the one below) as a thank you for someone. I pulled together this fabric because it brought out the preppy in me!

Finally, a big huge thank you to Ashley at Film in the Fridge for her fabulous giveaway of her scrumptious scraps! First, if you don't know her blog, stop and go directly to her blog! She takes phenomenal photos, makes gorgeous quilts, and shares amazing tutorials. I was lucky enough to receive a recent giveaway of her Ruby scraps left over from her gorgeous string quilt. She sent a huge bunch of scraps PLUS some big pieces of of this yummy fabric. Thanks so much Ashley!! Now, if only I can make something half as nice as her quilt!

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  1. Wow Look at you girl!! You are a busy one! cute bags!!


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