Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elves busy at work!

Happy holiday season everyone!

The household has finally emerged from 3 solid weeks of battling the plague, just in time to finish up last-minute sewing and quilting projects, tackle holiday cards, and ship off gifts to the four corners of the globe. Phew! I've been doing a ton of sewing lately, but most of it has to stay under wraps until the gifts are unwrapped! 

I'm not good at keeping secrets, however, so I did let Karen open her gift early. Here's the pieced border scrap quilt which I've been working on recently: 


It's 65x65 (I'm not one for standard-size quilts if it's not meant for a bed), so it's a perfect snuggle nap quilt. I contemplated (briefly) quilting concentric squares in the white, but my little machine has such a small neck I couldn't bear the thought of wrestling with the quilt that much almost broke me! So, I stuck with the straight line approach. Not too exciting, but it's much easier to manage with my machine! 

Other projects will have to wait for their reveal until after the holidays!

Okay, back to the salt mines; more holiday cards to send off!

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